The EnterGroup Crisis Management Service provides your business with email continuity in times of crisis.

This special service prevents email loss and enables employees to send and receive email via their POP3 or IMAP email client or Web mail during times of server failure, network interruption, disasters or any other crisis situation.

When there is an interruption in your regular service, EnterGroup’s email service automatically takes its place allowing your workers to continue working. Your clients and associates will never notice that your business is in any type of crisis allowing you to do business as usual.

crisis_mgmtEnterGroup’s Email Continuity Service provides:

  • Email Domain Continuity
    Protect your inbound emails from being lost in times of service interruption.
  • Standby Mailboxes
    Be prepared with full send and receive capability for all your employees.
  • No Administrator Intervention
    During normal operations EnterGroup monitors your servers without any intervention or disruption.
    In times of crisis or service interruption EnterGroup email automatically starts working to protect email from being lost and emails are automatically routed to standby mailboxes.
  • Multiple Access Points
    Reach your email through your Desktop client or Web interface.
  • Compatibility
    Email continuity is compatible with all existing local email clients and browsers.


Does your company have an email crisis plan against the loss of emails and work? The EnterGroup email Crisis Management Service is available at such a low price that you can’t afford to be without it.

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