EzList, Email List Management

Our professional email list management service enables you to easily build and manage email lists, create newsletters and other direct marketing emails, and track results. No software, hardware or licenses to buy! Send all your emails at once!

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Easily import and synchronize your existing subscriber lists

Store multiple lists with distinct settings

Manage, clean, download lists efficiently with a full set of tools

Protect yourself from sending unsolicited email with opt-in/out messages and unsubscribe links

Choose to send text, your own HTML or a Web page or a combination of the previous

Create extremely personalized, professional messages – templates also available

Preview, send or schedule messages to be sent with confidence and ease from any Web browser – no technical knowledge necessary

Send surveys and web forms and download results into Microsoft Excel

Improve mailing effectiveness with comprehensive tracking features

Segment your lists by numerous criteria to send highly targeted mailings

Experience premium support, whitelisted status with major ISPs, security via 128 bit SSL, and available API for integration with other software

Pricing is easy and straightforward. It is based on the total number of contacts or emails you wish to send or have in a month. There are no limits on the number of messages you can email or on the number of lists in your account.

Subscriber Limit Pricing

  • Send unlimited emails per month.
  • Create unlimited mailing lists.
  • Ideal for companies who send out large volumes of mail.

Subscriber LimitCost per month
500 Subscribers — $11.00
1000 Subscribers — $16.00
2500 Subscribers — $21.00
5000 Subscribers — $35.00
10000 Subscribers — $53.00
15000 Subscribers — $77.00
25,000 Subscribers — $105.00
50,000 Subscribers — $168.00
75,000 Subscribers — $266.00
100,000 Subscribers — $350.00
125,000 Subscribers — $399.00
150,000 Subscribers — $483.00

Email Limit Pricing

  • Add unlimited subscribers
  • Create unlimited mailing lists.
  • Ideal for people who maintain large mailing lists, but email them infrequently.

Send up to… —————— Cost per month
1,000 Emails per month — $21.00
2,000 Emails per month — $42.00
5,000 Emails per month — $70.00
10,000 Emails per month — $140.00
25,000 Emails per month — $263.00
50,000 Emails per month — $420.00
75,000 Emails per month — $595.00
100,000 Emails per month — $700.00

Set-up fee: $100

EnterGroup’s EzList Prices effective February 1st, 2015 and subject to change

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