Connect your family and friends together with email!

Get your own HotMail but with your family name or any other domain you own. Example:

family_mail_exEmail personalized for you: Provide your family and friends with their own email accounts @your-domain.

Upgrade your email account to yourname@your-domain

Set-up in a snap: We provide a hosted solution which means no software or hardware to configure – your service is ready to go!

No ads: We have eliminated all of the annoyances of other email services!

Family Mail includes 8 huge mailboxes: You get 8 mailboxes with 50 MB of storage each — perfect for emails, pictures, and MP3’s. Add more mailboxes anytime you want!

Affordable: Pricing starts at $11 USD per month

Why Family Mail? Family Mail is easy to use, backed by comprehensive support, super reliable, and ultra-fast!

Family Mail Overview
Email Addresses @your-domain
Web Mail URL Your domain – Ex: http://mail.your-domain
Disk Space 50 MB/Mailboxes
Web Access Yes
POP3 & IMAP Access Yes
Wireless Access Yes
SMTP Access Yes
Web Based Secure Admin Yes
Anti-Virus Yes
Spam Guard Yes
24/7 Support as Standard Yes
Reliable and Secure Yes
Advertising No
Price Family Mail starts at $11/month for the first set of 8 mailboxes and then reduces to only $9/month for each additional set of 8 mailboxes. A one-time $25 set-up fee would applies and you can save 12% when you subscribe for a year.

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